International Editorial Board

International Editorial Board

Editor: Janos Simon
Assistant: dr. Borbála Kossuth

Members of Central European Editorial Board:
Barbu, Daniel: University of Bucharest, Ro
Czesnik, Mikolaj: Institute for Political Studies of PAN, Pl
Fabó, Edit: World Complexity Science Academy, Hu
Guogis, Arvydas: University Mykolas Romeros, Lit
Kiss, Gy. Csaba: University of Warsaw, Pl
Kovács, István: Center for Fundamental Rights, Hu
Meseznik, Grigorij: Institute for Public Affairs, Sl
Pop, Lia Maria: University of Oradea, Ro
Szabó, Máté: University ELTE, Hu
Varga, Csaba: University of Péter Pázmány, Hu

International Advisory Committee:
Barnes, Samuel H.: Georgetown University, Washington
Flores Juberías, Carlos: University of Valencia
Gyárfásova, Olga: Comenius University, Bratislava
Heath, Anthony: University of Oxford
Jensen Jody: Institute of Political Science of HAS
Kozminski, K. Andrzej: Kozminski University of Warsaw
Montero, José Ramón: Universidad Autonómia of Mardrid
Morlino, Leonardo: LUISS Guido Carli Univeritaty of Roma
Puscas, Vasile: University of Cluj
Rukavisnikov, Vladimir: Institute of Political Studies of RAS
Schmitter, Philipe C.: Stanford University
Schöpflin György: London University
Whitehead, Laurence: Oxford University
Zajc, Drago: University of Ljubjana

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