Number 1

September 2000.
Central Europe and Europe

Main Articles


Jerzy Wiatr: Central Europe as an Issue – Why is Central Europe important for the political science?Laurence Whitehead: The Enlargement of the European Union: A ‘Risky’ Form of Democracy Promotion
Thomas König and Thomas Brauninger: Governing the Enlarged European Union Accession Scenarios and Institutional Reform
Béla Galló: The Half-European Integration – Some Global Political Aspect of European Unity from Central European Point of View.
Miroslav Kusy: Hello Europe! The Slovak Gypsies and the European Union
György G. Márkus: Germany a la Carte. Hungarian in Cross Pressure Between German and American Influence

B o o k   R e v i e w s:
Barnes, Samuel and Janos Simon (1999):The Postcommunist Citizen – by Nicolas Maslowski
Ferencz Miszlivetz (1999): Illusions and Realities. The Methamorphosis of Civil Society in a New European Space – by Máté Szabó

R e p o r t s:
Annual Congress of Hungarian Political Science Association by János Simon
International Conference of the Slovenien Political Science Association by Drago Zajc
World Congress of Latin-Americanisten in Warsaw – by János Dömény

Ten Year in Freedom. Transition and Consolidation of Democracy in Central Europe
Great International Conference in Budapest, 30 October – 1 of November 2000
Democracy in Central and South-East Europe. Conference in Satu Mare (19-22 Oct. 2000).