Number 2

December 2000.
Political Parties and Movements in Central Europe

Main Articles


Hans-Dieter Klingemann and Richard Hofferbert: The Capacity of New Party System to channel Discontent: A Comparison of 17 Formerly Communist polities 6
Wolfgang Merkel and Aurel Croissant: Formal Institution and Informal Rules of Defensive Democracies 31
Rafael Durán: Collective Action, Democracy and Democratization 48
Takeshi Hirata: The Party-System Building and Electoral Volatility in Central Europe72
Tamás Fricz: What Will Happen to the Parties? Crisis phenomena of parties and their possible change of function in the twenty-first century 92
János Simon: The Interpretation of the Political Left and Right in Central Europe and Hungary 121
Máté Szabó: Policing towards Movement and Countermovement Mobilization: the Gypsies and the Skinheads. Right Wing Racist and Anti-Racist Protest Movements in Hungary 143
Ivan Bernik, Niko Tosh and Samo Uhan: Ability of Party System to Absorb Popular Discontent: The Case of Slovenia 174
Ioan Mārginean: Indicators of Democratization in Romania 186
Adrian J. Simon: Political Parties in Post-Communist Romania: Political Culture and Democratization 207
Miroslav Kusŷ: The Roots of the Hungarians1 Demands for their Own District 218
Andjrej Findor: Demands Over the Roots 221
Michal Klíma: Incomplete Democracy in the Czech Republic or Tree Anomalies 223

R e p o r t s   a n d   C o n f e r e n c e s
Ten Years Freedom. Transition and Consolidation of Democracy in Central Europe International Conference in Budapest, 30 October-1 November 2000 by Anikó Molnár 234
Democratic Consolidation in Central and Eastern Europe Conference at the Social Science Research Central Berlin (WYB), November 17-19, 2000 by Edeltraud Roller 245
Nation-Building, Mass Politics and Development of Cleavages in Central and Eastern Europe. Report on the International Conference of the Aarhus University, Sandbjerg, Denmark, 14-17 of December, 2000 by Attila Ágh 247
The 2nd Spanish Conference of the East European Studies in Szombathely Hungary by Zoltán Pogátsa 253

B o o k   R e v i e w s:
Egon Matzner: Monopolar World Order. On the Socioeconomics of US Dominance byJody Jensen 255
Post-Communist Party Systems: Competition, Representation, and Inter-Party Cooperation. (Herbert Kitchelt, Zdenka Mansfeldova, Radoslaw Markowski, Gábor Tóka) by Mikolaj Czesnik 258