About the authors

Political evaluations and relations

Willy Jou is a lecturer and doctoral candidate in political science at the University of California, Irvine, and is currently a visitor at the Global COE-GLOPE II Center at Waseda University in Japan. His research focuses on public opinion in eastern European and East Asian new democracies, with particular emphasis on ideological and socio-economic cleavages. His publications include an article (co-authored with Russell Dalton and Doh Chull Shin) on how democracy is understood by citizens in 49 countries with varying levels of democratic and economic development, and several studies on party competition in Japan following electoral reform.  jouw@uci.edu

Csaba Varga is a Hungarian jurisprudent, scientific adviser at the Institute for Legal Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and professor at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University of Hungary, founding director of its Institute for Legal Philosophy. In addition to transition to rule of law which became one of his standing research topics when he served as a member of the Advisory Board to the Prime Minister of Hungary (between 1991–1994). His interest has ranged from legal philosophy & methodology via patterns of judicial thought to comparative legal cultures. In addition to his twelve authored and nineteen edited books in English or German, his relevant publications do include Transition to Rule of Law (Budapest 1995, „Philosophiae Iuris” series), as well as Transition? to Rule of Law? Constitutionalism and Transition Justice Challenged in Central & Eastern Europe (Budapest 2008, “PoLíSz könyvek” series).varga@jak.ppke.hu

Jo Harper is an English political scientist. He finished his PhD in London School of Economics under Prof. George Schöpflin supervision. He have lived and teach 10 years in Poland. He is now a freelance journalist. joe@europaproperty.com

Gyula Seres is a young Hungarian political scientist. Currently he is MA student of economics at Corvinus University of Budapest.  Address: Hungary, Budapest H-1085 Horánszky utca 6. sergyu1@gmail.com

Ádám Máté Harkányi is a young Hungarian political scientist. Currently he is MA student of economics at Corvinus University of Budapest.  Address: Hungary, Budapest H-1085 Horánszky utca 6. harmathe@gmail.com

József N. Szabó is a Hungarian political scientist. He is professor and head of Department of International Relations in the Faculty of Economic and Social Science at the College of Nyíregyháza, Hungary. He has been member of the Academy of New York since 2003 and a Visiting Professor of University of Paris Sud since 2002. His mayor field of research is the relation of culture and politics in the post-war Hungary and history of the Hungarian cultural diplomacy. nszaboj@nyf.hu

María Elisa Gentile is a political scientist from Argentina and Teacher of geography. She has got MA degree in Sociology of Eastern Europe (in 1995), MA degree in International Relations (in 2000) and PhD in International Relations (in 2008). Teaching Activities: Facultad de Ciencias Humanas de la Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Faculty of Humans Sciences National University of the Centre of Buenos Aires Province). Author of more than 10 articles Publisher in specialized magazines. She has given more than 25 lectures, seminars, and International Work Shops. mariaegentile@hotmail.com

The Budapest Analyses was launched in 2002 with the collaboration of policy analysts, economists and social scientists, dedicated to sharing, protecting and disseminating a common value system. His value aims to protect the pillars of human- and minority rights, political pluralism, the democratic constitutional state and the protection of national heritages – into the European system of cooperation. He continues to consider interpreting and evaluating events affecting Central Europe in accordance with our value system. While he published one analysis fortnightly on average, from now on this frequency will increase significantly – hopefully, to the liking of our readership. The previous newsletters can be accessed in the Analyses Archive. Prof. Ivan Bába is the editor-in-chief. www.budapestanalyses.hu

Hortenzia Hosszú is a Hungarian political scientist. She finished her PhD on the Political History of Governance Theory in India. She is working as a research fellow at Institute for Political Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Her research topic includes the comparative institutions as Political and Governmental Systems; Reforms of Public Administration Systems and Campaigning. She is author of several articles on this field. Currently she is working on her second thesis about Governance in Hungary. hortenziahosszu@gmail.com