Number 38

Winter 2009.
Past and present in Central Europe

Main Articles


Norman Podhoretz: How Ronald Reagan Won the Cold War–and Why There Were No Victory Parades in America?
Vasile Puşcaş, Christian Radu Chereji, Dacian Duna, Goriţă Dorin Ciprian: Building Democracy in Central Europe and the Post-cold-war System
János Simon: Short Notes on the Reborn of the Civil Society in Hungary – The way from the political elite to the organized civilians
Georgi Karasimeonov: The Process of Consolidation of Democracy in Post-Communist Central and East Europe
Tibor Szabó: Some Remarks on the Italian National Identity and Political Culture
Marianna Dobó: Opportunities of New Towns in Hungary – The effects of gaining town status on the settlement-system in Northern Hungary

Budapest Analyses:
European Union: EU external relations after ratification of the Lisbon Treaty
European Union: The EU standing before a juncture Member State
Ukraine: The potential geopolitical repercussions of presidential elections
Hungary: The political effects of the European elections

R e p o r t s   a n d   C o n f e r e n c e s
Twenty Years in Freedom – Transition and Consolidation of Democracy in CE –
Call for paper: Great International Conference in Budapest, 26-27 of Nov. 2010
Gipsy life – III. Documentary Short Film Festival – Call – Budapest, 20, Nov. 2010.
International Visegrad Fund – Small and Standard Grant – Call for proposal
Funding for research visits at EUROLAB: GENESIS in Cologne – Germany

B o o k   R e v i e w s
Crisis – and what follows (ed. Ferenc Miszlivetz) by István Sümegi – István Bariska