Number 46

Winter 2011.
Collapse or renaissance of Europe?

Main Articles


Americo Saldivar: From Real Socialism to “Genuine” Capitalism: Environmental Aspects and Policies during Accession to European Union
János Simon: The Pillars of Democratic Political Culture in Hungary (1990-2010)
Leonardo Morlino: The Freedom and Equality should be linked to Accountabilities and Responsiveness?
József N. Szabó: The Role of Civil Organizations in the Relationship between Hungary and her Neighboring Countries (1945-1946)

R e p o r t s   a n d   C o n f e r e n c e s
V.Gypsy Life – Short CE Docfilm Fest about Romany – 24 of March, 2012
List of Approved Small and Individual Grants of IVF – December 2011

B o o k   R e v i e w s
for Europe – 2011