About the authors

The present from the past

Vladimir Olegovich Rukavishnyikov is a Russian political scientist. He is Professor at the Faculty of Global Politics and Global Economics of the State University-Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia since 2003. Prior to 2003 he worked in the Institute of Socio-Political Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences where he also occupied a Deputy Director position in early 1990s.  Since the late 1980s his researches were focused on Russian politics and public opinion trends; Russian and western foreign policies, global competitiveness and political culture transformations, international security, and related topics. He has published more than two hundred articles, and has authored over a dozen of books in many countries. His most recent monograph has the title Cholodnaya Voina, Cholodnyi Mir. (Cold War, Cold Peace: the US and European public opinion on the USSR/Russia, security and foreign policy), Moscow, 2005. rukavish@hotmail.com

Csaba Varga is a Hungarian jurisprudent, emeritus research professor at the Institute for Legal Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and emeritus professor at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University of Hungary, who has founded its Institute for Legal Philosophy. In addition to transition to rule of law (with the juristic nature of the ancien régime, facing the crimes of the Socialist past, as well as civil obedience/disobedience included), which became a standing research topic to him by the time he served as a member of the Advisory Board the Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary between 1991–1994, his overall interest has ever ranged from legal philosophy & methodology via patterns of judicial thought to comparative legal cultures. In addition to his sixteen authored and nineteen edited books in English/German—twelve of which are made available on —, his relevant publications do include Coming to Terms with the Past under the Rule of Law (Budapest 1994, “Windsor Klub” series), Transition to Rule of Law (Budapest 1995, „Philosophiae Iuris” series) and Transition? To Rule of Law? Constitutionalism and Transitional Justice Challenged in Central & Eastern Europe (Budapest 2008, “PoLíSz könyvek” series). varga@jak.ppke.hu

József N. Szabó is a Hungarian political scientist. He is professor and head of Department of International Relations in the Faculty of Economic and Social Science at the College of Nyíregyháza, Hungary. He has been member of the Academy of New York since 2003 and a Visiting Professor of University of Paris Sud since 2002. His mayor field of research is the relation of culture and politics in the post-war Hungary and history of the Hungarian cultural diplomacy. He published several chapters in earlier issues of CEPoliti Review.  nszaboj@nyf.hu

Éva Ender is a Hungarian researcher, she grown up in small village in Tokaj- Hegyalja in Hungary, but she has already met with excitement and beauty of the international contact when she was only thirteen years old. She was learning at the Árpád Vezér Grammar School in Sárospatak, where the well qualified teachers prepared her to realize her plans. She was interested in diplomacy and international contacts. From 2007 she was studying at the University College of Nyíregyháza. She was graduated in international studies, and she follows her studies on MA. She finished her MA study in 2012, and she is working for confirming the international position of our motherland in the Central European region. endereva@gmail.com