Number 49

Fall 2012.

Main Articles


Antal Örkény – Mária Székelyi: Origin, Identity Conservation, Assimilation – Identity of people living in the border zones of Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine 9
Fricz Tamás: Government systems in Central and Eastern Europe – Comparative analyses  29
Csaba Varga: »Slouching towards Gomorrah« – Communist Degeneration of Legal Theorising in Hungary 55
Tibor Dessewffy – Zsófia Nagy: As it comes – Towards a moderate realism – Some notes on modernization discourse 87
József N. Szabó – Zsuzsanna Konczné Nagy: Albert Szent-Györgyi Received the Nobel Prize 75 Years Ago 116
Edit Lőrinczné Bencze: Europeanization: The Croatian case 131
Renata Suchowiejko: Austrian Military Bands in Cracow around 1900. Performances – Repertoire – Cultural Context 151

R e p o r t s a n d Co n f e r e n c e s
Second International Congress of Polish History – Cracow, 13-15, Sept. 2012 165
Crisis, Critique and Change, 11th – ESA Univ. of Turin, – Italy, 28-31, Aug. 2013 166
NKE-PI-NET Conference of PhD Student – Budapest, 28-30, Nov. 2012 167
8th Annual Conf. of Albanian Institute of Sociology – Durres, 22-23, Nov. 2013. 170
The Ukraine, Parliamentary Elections 2012 – HIIA, Budapest, 14 Nov. 2012. 172
Individual Research Visits to EUROLAB – GESIS, Cologne, Germany 173

B o o k R e v i ew
A 50 Anos de la Cultura Cívica: Pensamientos y Reflexiones en honor al Profesor Sidney Verba by Borbála Kossuth 175