About the authors

János Simon is a Hungarian political scientist, professor of the University College Kodolány in Budapest, and editor of CEPoliti Review. He was visiting professor of 24 universities of 12 countries (from Mexico UNAM to Oxford, Nuffield College). He has got habilitation in ELTE Budapest (2007), and PhD in Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1993). His research field is democracy studies, political parties, elections, political culture, citizen’s behavior, Central European collaboration and the roll of intellectuals. He published 18 books. His latest publications are: Értékválság a politikában (Value-crisis in the Politics – Searching for democratic political culture). Korszak-váltás a politikában – (Era-change in the Politics). janossimon11@gmail.com

György Csepeli is professor of social psychology. He chairs the Interdisciplinary Social Studies Doctoral Program at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Eörvös Loránd University, Budapest, and president of Hungarian Sociological Association. His research focuses on social psychology of intergroup relations, anti-Semitism and comparative sociological investigation on national identity. Recently his research interest has turned toward problems of information society with a special emphasize on information inequality comparing the individual European societies.csepeli.gyorgy@gmail.com

Antal Örkény is professor of sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Eotvos Loránd University of Budapest.  Between 1996 and 2012 Antal Orkeny was the chair of the ELTE-UNESCO Minority Studies Department which offers an MA program in ethnic and minority studies, from 2006 he is the director of the Institute for Social Relations including three departments (Minority Studies, Social Psychology, Cultural Anthropology), and from 2011 he is heading the Post Graduate (PhD) Program in social sciences at the ELTE. His major research fields are cross-national surveys on popular perceptions of social Justice, national identity and national stereotypes, Roma minority and prejudice against Roma, border identity, and inter-ethnic relations in the Carpathian Basin. Two books of him were published in English: one in 1992 with Gyorgy Csepeli, titled Ideology and Political Beliefs in Hungary. The Twilight of State Socialism. London and New York: Pinter Publishers, and the other in 2000 with Gyorgy Csepeli and Maria Szekelyi, titled Grappling with National Identity. How Nations See Each Others in Central Europe. Budapest, Akademiai Kiadó. He has also published ten monographs in Hungarian language including his two new releases in 2011: one of social integration of different migrant groups into the Hungarian society, and the other on social justice and generational equity in contemporary Hungary.orkeny@tatk.elte.hu

Mária Székelyi is professor of sociology at the Social Sciences Faculty of the Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest.  Until 2012 Mária Székelyi was the head of the Methodology Department of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Her major research fields are cross-national surveys on social justice, national identity and national stereotypes, inter-ethnic relations in the Carpathian Basin, attitudes, negative stereotypes, prejudice against Gypsies, anti-Gypsy attitudes and discriminatory behavior among Hungarian police toward Gypsies and research methodology. She has published a lot of articles and several monographs until now. The main ones are: Survival Kit to SPSS., Typotex 2002 (with Ildikó Barna); Grappling with National Identity. How Nations See Each Others in Central Europe. Budapest, Akadémiai Kiadó (with György Csepeli and Antal Örkény).

Americo Saldivar is professor of socilogy at the Division of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Economics, Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), Consultant Adviser on Sustainable Development and Watershed Management (1976-present). Education: Ph.D. Sociology. El Colegio de México; MA, Sociology, El Colegio de México; BA, Economics, Friendship University, Patrice Lumumba, Moscow, USSR. Author of more than 13 books and 60 Scientific Articles. México D.F. Phone: (55) 52-11-00-55   e-mail: americo@unam.mx

José Villegas is an Argentinean social scientist. He was born in 1960. He is author of “History in Argentina”; “Juan Crisóstomo Lafinur: Master of Ideas”; “Scenes in the History of San Luis”; “History of the Book and Graphic Arts”; “History of Anger”; “San José Cemetery: Patrimony in Architecture”; “The Legislative Provincial Council of San Luis (1810 – 2010)”. At present is columnist in the weekly paper “La Opinión” (2012). At the National University of San Luis taught “An approach to the study of the Argentine Reality” and lectured on “American History in the XX Century”. He is the author of a “Regional Encyclopaedia”, the “Catalogue of authors and their publications in San Luis” and has lectured on “Academic Upgrading of Regional studies in San Luis”, amongst other post-graduate courses, seminars and Conferences. Participant of various seminars in Peru, Chile, Cuba, and México. In San Luis of Argentina, he has been Minister of Social Works; Director of the Department on Social Inclusion and Head of the Historical and Cultural Patrimony; He was Vice-chairman of the Argentine Writers Association – S.A.D.E. in San Luis chapter, and is Chairman of Centre on Studies on (South and North) American Thought / Centro de Estudios del Pensamiento Americano – C.E.PA.” josevillegasruz@gmail.com