Number 55

Spring 2014.
Investigation the Communist Past

Main Articles


Csaba Kiss Gy.: Institutions Investigating Totalitarian Regimes in Central Europe 9
Patryk Pleskot: Delicate Polish Mission: The Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) in Poland 18
Attila Szalai: Some Note on the Polish Institute of National Remembrance – Structure and Function28
Vojtěch Ripka: Between Scholarly Research and Symbolic Transitional Justice Approaching the Czech Communist Regime Today 37
Peter Jasek: Causes and Consequences – Slovak Historiography and the Communist Past 47
János Sallai: The Pan-European Picnic on the Hungarian-Austrian Border – From Break up of the Iron Curtain to Releasing People of GDR (1989) 57
József N. Szabó – Zoltán Császár: The Hungarian Communist Party and the Academic Elite (autumn of 1944 – autumn of 1945) 82

R e p o r t s a n d C o n f e r e n c e s
Central Europe in Europe – Summer School – 12-23, July 2014 – Prague, Czech Republic 100
VII. Roma Life – Central European Riport and Docfilm Fest
1 of June, Budapest 102
Grants of International Visegrad Fund
Call for Small and Standard Grants 105

B o o k R e v i e w s
János Simon
2014. Eight Interviews with Former MSZMP PC Members about the Kádár-era – byBorbála Kossuth 107