Number 60

Summer 2015.
Uncertainty and Responsibility

Main Articles


János Áder: The Water-crisis as the Largest Risk Threatening the World Today 10

Leonardo Morlino: Changes for Democracy — Are There Hybrid Reginies? 14

Américo Saldivar Valdés: Brief recent history about the Ungovernance of the Comm;onGoods 50

Csaba Varga: Encounters with Western Literature (or The Intellectual Misery of Cold War Hungary) 74

Petr Prokš: Lessons from the Central European History – Wars and Changes of Ethnic and National Relations in Central Europe during the 20th Century 91

Csaba Káncz: The Greek Resistance – Geopolitical analysis by Privatbankar 107

János Simon: Something is Happening in Hellas! Where did the Greek loans go? 119

Juan de Dios Torralbo Caballero: Predestination, Marriage and Society in Behn’s short fiction 126

József N. Szabó — Zoltán Császár: The Hungarian Communist Party and the academic elite after the 2th WW (Autumn of 1944 — Autumn of 1945) 138

Reports and Conferences
VIII. Gypsy Life — Docfilmfest — 13.. Nov. 2015 Budapest 149
The Platform of European Memory — 5-6 May 2015 Budapest 153
Grants of International Visegrad Fund — Septembe 2015 Bratislava 154

Book Reviews
Baron József Eötvös: Poverty in Ireland 1837 — A Hungarian’s View by István Bakos155