János Áder: The Water-crisis as the Largest Risk Threatening the World Today
Healthy and safe water id needed for sustainable development and peace. Not only agricultural, urban water services or the industry are affected by the disturbance in the water balance but the order of a society as well. Already 40 per cent of the population get their daily amount of water from transboundary water catchment areas, and we’ve witnessed several times scuflles for water. The Earth is no longer in balance as we, humans have tipped it. We have to stop the deterioration of the situation and we have to adapt to the new circumstances. We need local, regional and global solutions. Perhaps it’s time to create within the auspices of the United Nations a more efficient solution for water management like an intergovernmental water platform. Hungary is effected and trying to adapt to climate change. But one cannot do the job alone. Therefore we are trying hard to achieve in the case our two main rivers bilateral and multilateral agreements in order to prevent conilicts arising from shared water use.

Leonardo Morlino: Changes for Democracy – Are the planet as a whole. This Hybrid Regimes?
We can define a hybrid regime as a set of institutions that have been persistent, be they stable or unstable, for about a decade, have been preceded by authoritarianism, a traditional regime (possibly with colonial characteristics), or even a minimal democracy, and are characterized by the break-up of limited pluralism and forms of independent, autonomous participation, but the absence of at least one …