Number 61

Fall 2015.
The Cultural Dynamics of Democracies

Main Articles


Máté Szabó: Harmony and Dis-Harmony of the Ombudsman and the Constitutional Court after the Fundamental Law 10

Arvydas Guogis, Adomas Vincas Rakšnys: Globalization as a Challenge to New Public Governance 14
Csaba Varga: The Papal Teaching on Person and Socio-political Complexity (John Paul II and the Legal Instrumentality) 50

Lia Pop: Students Perceptions on the Rroma???? in Romania 74

Andreja Valič Zver: Democracy is Not Set in Stone: Lessons need to be learned 91

József N. Szabó and Zoltán Császár: The Hungarian Medical Elite and Political Changes (1945-1946) 107

Reports and Conferences
25 Years of Freedom in Central Europe – Great social science conf. 13-14 of Nov. Budapest 149
VIII.Gypsy Life and Migration Docfilm Fest – 15 of Nov. Budapest 153
Visegrad University Studies Grants – IVF – 10 of Nov. Bratislava 154
European Remembrance – Vienna 11-13 May 2015

Book Reviews
György Schöpflin 2015. Politics, Illusions and Delusion.
Századvég Kiadó, Budapest by Tamás Fricz 155