Number 63

Spring 2016.
Diplomacy and international relations in Central Europe

Introduction of the Editor 5


Laurence Whitehead: Twenty-five Years of Freedom, and Various Shades of Grey 11
Carlos Flores Juberías: Some Considerations about the Accession and the Performance of Central European States
in the European Union 31
Ferenc Gazdag and László Kiss Gy.: Foreign Policy and Indebtedness – Towards the Centre or the Peripheries? 49
Mátyás Szűrös: Regime Change and Republic in Hungary – The 1989/90 Regime Changing Turn and its Preceding
Events, Follow-up Developments 77
Géza Jeszenszky: Hungary’s Road to NATO (1989-1999) 97
György Csepeli: To be or not to be? – The European Union is at the Crossroads 129
Andrea Carteny: The Protection of Minorities and the V4 Group as Framework for International Cooperation 137
Edit Lőrinczné Bence: Democratic Transition in Croatia – From the First Parliamentary Election in 1990 to the Last
One in 2015 149
Attila Szalai: The Regional Policy in the Strategy of Poland’s Foreign Policy – The Key Elements 175
Csaba Cservák: Bicameral Parliaments then and Now in Europe and in Hungary 191
Irina Michaela Pop: The Political Communication Crises in Romania – Club Collective of October 30, 2015 209

Reports and Conferences
HUG – Hungarian Geopolitics – New geopolitical quarterly – PAGEO Foundation – 21 of March, 2016 231
The Evaluation of System Changes in Hungary and Russia – RETÖRKI- Budapest, 21-22 March 2016 233
Migrationts and Refugees across Europe – Conference in Roma, April 27-29, 2016 236
5th European Remembrance Symposium – 24 and 26 May 2016, Budapest 241
60th Commission on the Status of Women – 25-27 of March 2016, New York 243

Book Reviews
Edit Lőrinczné Bencze: Croatia from the Proclamation of Independency to EU Membership – by László Domonkos 247