Number 64

Summer 2016.
Post-Globalization and Central Europe

Main Articles


László Bogár: From the „Globaloma” to the „Immunoreaction”. Notes on Globalization in the Dead End of History
János Simon: Nations of Central Europe in the „Post-globalized” World. Some Theoretical Notes and the Public Opinions.
Károly Lóránt: Economical Prerequisites for Integration in Europe
Zsolt Becsey: Will we Catch up to Europe? 25 Years of Central Europe in Europe
Marcos Francisco Masso Garrote: Electoral Participation of Immigrants in Europe. Political and Constitutional Aspects of the Electoral Participation of Foreigners in the National State
Arvydas Guogis, Gediminas Kazėnas, Adomas Vincas Rakšnys: The Problem of Implementation of Genuine Democracy in Lithuania
István Stumpf: Governance and Public Policy in Hungary. The First Year of the Gyurcsány Government
Lia Pop: Conjectural Political Crisis in Romania – 2015
Máté Szabó: Transition to Democracy, its Hybridization and its Aftermath? Protest and movement mobilization against the Orbán-Regime in Hungary 2010-2015
Miklós Kozma: Continuous Infiltration of Western Management Theories. The impact of Western management theories on Hungarian academic thinking and business practice (1956-1982)

Reports and Conferences
24th World Congress of Political Science – 23-28 of June, 2016. Poznań, Poland
IX. Roma Life – Docfilm Fest – 14. of Nov. 2016. Budapest, Hungary
22th Euromoney Forum – 17-18 January 2017. Vienna, Austria
IVF – Approved Small Grants – June 2016. Bratislava, Slovakia

Book Reviews
25 Years of Freedom in Central Europe – by Borbála Kossuth
Maoism or Sinomarxism? – China’s Marxist Way – by Stefan Messmann