Number 65

Fall 2016.
The Geo-PoloticsAnd Wellfare

Main Articles


Norbert Csizmadia: Geo-Fusion: Age of “Tech-Knowled (Ge)-ography” – The New Mapping of the 21st Century and rediscovery of the World
Hervainé Szabó Gyöngyvér: Matching European Dream with Discomfort of the Transition: – Central European Realisation of Welfare Society
Lia Pop: Anti-Party Sentiments in Romania – Conjectural Political Crisis in 2015-2016
Arvydas Gougis: Social Dialogue in Lithuania: Achievements and drawbacks in the way out of the crisis
György Csepeli and Antal Örkény: The Making of a Minority: Competing claims of definitions of being Roma in contemporary Hungarian society
Tibor Szabó: Social Security or Human Right? – The Case of Italy

Csaba Varga: Ideal or Idol? Traps in Understanding the Rule of Law
Nuno Morgano: Federation vs Balkanization in Central Europe – Geo-historical approach to élites’ perceptions at World War I period
Reports and Conferences
Pallas Athéné Geopolitical Research Institute
How is it to be a Refugee in a Refugee Camp?
IX. Roma Life and Migration Docfilm Fest
Book Review
Tibor Várady:  Weltgeschichte und Alltag im Banat – by Stefan Messmann
HUG No. 2 – by Alexandro Marengo