Number 66

Winter 2016.
Human rights and minority rights in CE

Main Articles


György Schöpflin: Liberalism, Human Rights, Populism
Mark Galeotti: Solidarity, Securitisation, and Europe in an Age of Hybrid Threats
László Gulyás: Autonomy drafts of Hungarian Minorities in the Post-communist era – Slovakia in the Mečiar-period (1992-1998)
Zoltán Lomnici Sr.: Defence of Rights of the National Minorities in the European Union
István Stumpf: Governance and Public Policy in Hungary: The first year of the Gyurcsány-Government (2005-2006)
Miklós Kozma: The Impact of Western Management Theories on Hungarian Academic Thinking and Business Practice (1956-1982)

Index of Authors of CEPSR: 2000-2016

Reports and Conferences

Approved Visegrad Grants – Sept, 2016 – Bratislava, Slovakia
Approved Small Grants – March, 2016 – Bratislava, Slovakia
A Social Europe for Youth – 18-20 May 2017 University Oradea, Romania
European Network Remembrance and Solidarity – May 24-26, 2017, Budapest

Book Reviews

Norbert Csizmadia 2016. Geopolitics by Alessandro Marengo
Csaba Lentner (ed.): 2015. Fiscal Finance and the Management of Public Finances
– Public Finances and the Study of the General Government – by Zoltán Nagy

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