About the authors

Human rights and minority rights in CE
Schöpflin, György /George/ is a British-Hungarian historian and political scientist and Emeritus professor. He was Jean Monnet Professor of Politics at the University College London School of Slavonic and East European Studies. Award for International Relations of the Republic of Hungary (2011). Currently he is elected Member of the European Parliament, and visiting professor at the University of Bologna. He is author of 24 books on Central Europe: Politics, Illusions, Fallacies (Tallin Univ. Press 2012); The dilemmas of Identity (2005); Nation, Identity, Power: The New Politics of Europe (London, Hurst, 2000); Politics in Central Europe 1944-1992 (Oxford, Blackwell, 1993). He is member of International Advisor Committee of Central European Political Science Review. gyorgy.schopflin@europarl.europa.eu

Galeotti, Mark was educated at Tiffin School in Kingston upon Thames and Robinson College, Cambridge University, where he read history, and then the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he completed his doctorate in the Government department, under Dominic Lieven, on the impact of the Afghan war on the USSR. He is a specialist on Russian security affairs, intelligence, organised crime and similar murky topics. He is currently a senior researcher at the Institute of International Relations Prague. Previously, he was Professor of Global Affairs at New York University. He has been attached to the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, as an adviser on post-Soviet security issues, and worked with many government and non-government agencies. He has also been a visiting professor at Rutgers—Newark, Charles University (Prague), and MGIMO (Moscow). He read history at Robinson College, Cambridge University and then took his doctorate in politics at the London School of Economics, after a brief time working in the City of London. He has published widely, with 15 authored and edited books to his name and numerous articles in the academic, professional and popular press. He is the Founding Editor of the journal Global Crime and a contributing editor to IntelliNews Business New Europe.galeotti@iir.cz

Gulyás, László is a historian and region-researcher. He earned his first PhD degree (regional studies) in 2005, and he earned second PhD-degree in 2005 (history). Recently he is professor at University of Szeged. He is founder and Editors-in-Chief Central-European Review (Hungary Szeged, see www.vikek.hu). His mayor fields are: history of Central-Europa in the XIX-XXth century particularly minorities, border-question and autonomy, history of treaty Versailles and Trianon. He wrote 12 books and 241 chapters on his research filed. email: gulyas1@t-online.hu

Lomnici, Zoltán (Sr.) judge. He obtained his cum laude law degree in 1979 from Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences (ELTE) and since then he uninterruptedly worked in the Hungarian judiciary. He was nominated vice-president of the Final Court of Appeal of Hungary in 2001. The Hungarian National Assembly elected him in 2002 as the president of the Supreme Judicial Court of Hungary with a mandate of 6 years. He was nominated University Professor in 2004. In the same year, he was elected as the vice-president of Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Court of the European Union and he was re-elected two years later in Warsaw. During the 2005 congress of Madrid, he was elected into the board of directors of the international body that represents state councils. During the 2007 Bangkok congress, he was re-elected into this position. In 2006 he received the Legion of Honor from the President of the French Republic. He authored and co-authored dozens of books.lomniciz@kuria.birosag.hu

Stumpf, István has been Justice at the Constitutional Court of Hungary since 2010 and the Professor of Constitutional Law and Political Science at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at the István Széchenyi University. Previously he was the Founding Director of István Bibó College at the University Loránd Eötvös in Budapest (1982–1988); he also founded Századvég Foundation, the first Hungarian think-thank institute and was its Director for two decades (1991–1998, 2002-2010); he was the Deputy Prime Minister leading the Prime Minister’s Office between 1998-2002. He holds university degrees in law, sociology and PhD in political science. He spent years in the USA as a German Marshall Scholar and IREX scholar (Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, and GWU, Graduate School of Political Management). Author and editor of numerous articles and books in the field of political socialisation, parties and party systems, electoral systems and behaviour, constitutional and governmental structures and separation of powers. stumpf@mkab.hu

Csaba Cservák is Constitutional Lawyer, university docent, member of the independent law enforcement complaint committee. Previously he was the director of the President of the Hungarian Republic’s Office, member of the National Electoral Committee. Member electoral committee of the independent Lawyers Forum, later he became the organization’s president. His research fields are constitutional law, fundamental constitutional rights, law philosophy.   cscservak@gmail.com

Kozma, Miklós received his PhD in the year 2012 at the Corvinus University of Budapest in the field of Business Administration. Since 2001 he works for the Business Economics Institute of Corvinus, his teaching areas include: business economics, strategy, international business and sports management. His primary research areas are public-private partnership, international strategy, sports business and business history. He is a board member of the Industrial and Entrepreneurship Section of the Association of Hungarian Economists, and a member of the Academy of International Business. Besides his academic career, he has 20 years of experience in business advisory working for multinational firms.