Number 4

Summer 2001.
Political Representation, Actors and Institutions

Main Articles


Doh C. Shin and Jason Wells: Testing the Churchill Notion of Democracy as a Lesser Evil in Post-Communist Europe
Wlodzimierz Wesolowski: Change and Continuity: Four Polish Parliaments 1989-2001
János Simon: Political Conservatism of the Hungarian MP-s
Gabriella Ilonszki: Parliament and Government in Hungary: a changing relationship
Darina Malová and Erik Láštic: The Gradual Amending of the Slovak Constitution: Combating the Ambiguous Rules in 1992-2001
Petra Rakusanová: The role and position of Committees of the House of Deputies of the Czech Republic in the period of transformation
Martin Vysin: The Position and Function of the Czech Senate
Iván Völgyes: Political Culture and Political Socialization in Hungary after the System Change
András Bozóki: Globalists vs Localists: A Historic Debate, and the Position of the Left in Hungary
Imre Lévai: Coexistence of Civilizations and Patterns of Accumulation: the European Sub-Centre and Semi-Periphery

R e p o r t s   a n d   C o n f e r e n c e s
The 11th Annual Conference of the Central European Political Science Association (CEPSA) by Peter Biegelbauer and Jerzy Wiatr
Networking Central-Eastern Europe and Latin America (Austrian Latin American Institute, Austrian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Commission of Brussels et al.) by Wolfgang Dietrich
Defense Transparency: White Paper on Defense (Defími and the Croatian Ministry of Defense) by Daniel Zirkel and Alen Javorovic
Possibilities and Constraints of Central European Co-operation in the Third Millenium (Central European Cultural Institute) by Péter Módos and Domokos Szollár
Hungarian-Swedish Conference on the EU Enlargement after the Swedish Presidency (University of Economical Science and 21th Century Institute of Budapest) by Attila Ágh,
Human Rights and the Foot (The Story of the Amnesty International with the Human Right in Hungary) by Zsolt Vattamányi
International Visegrad Found (The purpose of the Fund and the list of approved project proposal)

B o o k   R e v i e w s
Evolution and Transformation 1990-2000 (eds. László Tóth Gy. and Mária Schmidt) byLászló Tóth Gy.
Artur Gruszczak: The problems of Governability in the Countries of East-Central Europe by Katalina Sobolewska-Myslik
Gábor Tóka: Inventory of Political Attitude and Behavior Surveys in East Central Europe and the former Soviet Union 1989-1997 by Brigitte Hausstein
Jadwiga Staniszkis: Post-Communism – the emerging enigma by Kálmán Dady