Number 6

Winter 2001.
The Euro-Atlanti Integration, Attitudes and Orientations

Main Articles


Roger Scruton: Exporting the Tory Idea. Considering British conservatism in the Hungarian context
Peter A. Ulram: Image and Political Culture: Austria and its Neighbours
Bernhard Kittel: EMU, EU Enlargement and the European Social Model: Trends, Challenges, and Questions
László Csaba: Hitting a Moving Target: Economic challenges for Hungary in the EU enlargement in comparative perspective
Bojko Bucar and Irena Brinar: Lessons from Transition and Accession Periods of Slovenia
Aleksandra Bat and Florence Terranova: Towards a Redefinition of the Concept of Regional Policy in the CEECs in the Context of EU Enlargement: aid to the decision-making process
Pieter van Duin and Zuzana Polácková: Distant Land in the Heart of Europe: Problems of Political Culture in Slovakia
Ivan Siptak: Is history fate? Relations and Mental Maps between Austria and Slovakia in connection with EU enlargement
Kursad Ertgurul: Contemporary Image of European Identity and Turkish Experience of Westernisation
Bojan Todosijevic: Dimensions of Nationalism: Structure of Nationalist Attitudes in Hungary and Yugoslavia
Laure Neumayer: National Interest and National Identity in Political Debates on EU Accession in Hungary
István Hegedűs: Premature European Identity and ‘Europessimism’ in the Hungarian Media
Tamás Csapody: Movements and Anti-Movements in Hungary during the NATO Bombings in Yugoslavia

R e p o r t s   a n d   C o n f e r e n c e s
Pilgrimage of Trust Meeting in Budapest by Attila Erdős
Research on transformation – an useful approach? by Henrik Kreutz
Armed Forces and Society by Daniel Zirker

B o o k   R e v i e w s
Lithuanian Political Science Yearbook 2000 by Viktória Kékes
Two Parliamentary Studies from Czech Republic by Ádám Kégler