Number 11

Spring 2003.
The role of the media in Central Europe and in Europe

Main Articles


Alison Harcourt and John Horgan: Exordium to the special issue on Governance, Enlargement and the Media
Alison Harcourt: Media Markets and regulation in accession states
Christoph Meyer: Exploring the European Union’s Communication deficit: Old Problems and New Departures
István Hegedűs: After the Accession Talks, Facing the Referendum: Hungary and its Media Joining the European Union
Gergely Hideg: Public Opinion in the Accession Countries
Laura Simionescu: Values in the Media. “Europe” in the East European Media
Sandra B. Hrvatin and Lenart J. Kucic: Slovenia: Monopoly – a Social Game of Trading in Media Shares
Marju Lauristin and Hagi Shein: Public Service Broadcasting in Estonia
Karol Jakubowicz: EU Media Policy Orientations and Prospects for Public Service Broadcasting in New Member Countries
Mario Oetheimer: A European Freedom of Expression Barometer: Strengthening Media Freedom through co-ordinated Monitoring by the Council of Europe and the European Union
Zsolt Boda, Balázs Kiss and Kata Berta: Campaign on the Net. Parties, Papers and Palavers in the 2002 Hungarian Elections
Ashok Kumar Upadhyay: Reflections on the Theoretical Development of Concept of Justice

R e p o r t s  a n d  C o n f e r e n c e s
About the ECPR – Present and future
Central Europe Beyond Enlargements – CEPSA Annual Meeting in Vilnius
Globalization, Integration and Social Development in CCE
The Quality of Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe: ESF Conference
List of Approved Standard Grants and Scholarships of IVF

B o o k   R e v i e w s
by Tibor Szabó: Three Social Science Disciplines in Central and Eastern Europe
by Endre Domonkos: Lithuanian Political Science Yearbook 2001