Number 14

Winter 2003.
Lessons from EU accession for Central Europe

Main Articles


Kay Lawson: Cleavages, Parties and Voters in Central Europe
Kenneth Ka-Lok Chan: Political Ideologies in Post-Communist Europe: Consensus or
Árpád Gordos and Bálint Ódor: Beyond the Basic Phase of the IGC on the EU Constitution – Views from Hungary –
Michael Dobbi  and Dietrich Drüner: Legislative Alignments and Coalition Formation after EU Enlargement: A Preliminary Analysis
Uroš Pinterič et all: Local Administrations in the Process of the Admission to the European Union
Matthew Longo: The European Union in the Balkans: Rotten Carrots?

R e p o r t s   a n d   C o n f e r e n c e s
Citizenship, Identity, Legitimacy and Government in the EU – (Socrates-Erasmus Intensive Program) Report by Endre Domonkos
International Visegrad Fund. List of Approved Small Projects
CEPSA Annual Meeting in Budapest (April 22-24, 2004)
Old and New Dilemmas after Enlargement: The Future of Trans-Atlantic Relations (Invitation for Summer University of Kőszeg – ISES, Hungary) by Ferenc Miszlivetz
Network for Study of Strategic Elites and European Enlargement (Conference Series in Europe – 2004-2006)

B o o k   R e v i e w s
Italian Handbook on Europe and Human Rights by Tibor Szabó
“Politicka misao”: The new Croatian Political Science Review  by Nenad Zakošek