Number 19

Spring 2005.
Political culture and multi culture in Central Europe

Main Articles


George Schöpflin: Majorities and minorities: a continuing political relationship
Kálmán Kulcsár: The New Political System and the Hungarian Reality
Olaf Leiße and Utta-Kristin Leiße: The Romanian Pathway to Europe
Jesse Lutabingwa, Zana Vokopola and Ilir Bejtja: Citizen Perception of the Decentralisation Process in Albania: the Case of the City of Elbasan
Óscar Gª. Luengo: Media Malaise Revisited: Media Exposure and Political Activism in Europe
Judit Tóth: Towards a Joint Sweeper of Illegal Migrants
Csaba Fazekas: The Lessons from the Past: The Church-State Relations and the Beginnings of Political Catholicism in Hungary from 1790 to 1848*
Ateş Uslu: Intellectuals of Central Europe Between Empire and Nation-State

R e p o r t s   a n d   C o n f e r e n c e s
Socrates-Erasmus Intensive Teaching Program in Hungary; 17-28 Febr. 2005.
15th CESPA Annual Meeting. Vienna May 19-21, 2005
Grants of  International Visegrad Fund – for 2005

B o o k   R e v i e w s
On the Cold War and Cold Peace – with a Cold Mind by Stephan E. Nikolov