Number 25

Fall 2006.
European identity and immigration

Main Articles


Vladimir Rukavishnyikov: The Russian Power
George Schöpflin: Russia’s Reinvented Empire: The combination of energy power and political ambition in Moscow
Miklós Szabó: In Defense of Dictatorship.
Konstantinos J. Papadoulis: European Union Governance: Institutional Engineering and Comprehensive Reform
Gréta Czene: Needs and Lacks: The Energy Policy of the European Union
Márta Pankucsi: The Socio-cultural Accomplishment of Democracy
Virág Havasi: Do values have an effect on economy?- The Relationship between Values and Economy
Dávid Furmann: The Virtual Central Europe: Inter-war Discussions on a Central European Identity in Hungary
N. Szabó József: The Place of France in Hungarian Cultural Diplomacy (1945-1948)
Bánk Levente Boros:
Zsuzsanna Török: Empowerment, Identity Building and Ethnic Relations. A case study of Hungarian Gypsies

R e p o r t s   a n d   C o n f e r e n c e s
Global and Regional Governance by CEEISA, Wroclaw, Poland (24-26 May 20)
Conflicts and Collaboration in Central Europe. Miskolc, Hungary (7-9. Nov. 2006.)
Ethnic Conflicts in the Balkans by ASN. Beograd, Serbia (28 – 30, Sept. 2006.)

B o o k   R e v i e w s
Erzsébet Németh: Public Performance by Krisztina Mária Szabó
Between Fascism and Communism by Christopher Walsch
Governing New European Democracies by Hortenzia Hosszú